SimpleWater, Inc

Providing sophisticated environmental testing and treatment services, for everyone.

We translate the complexities of water science and engineering into a tool called Tap Score, a Water Testing Kit designed to be clear, sophisticated and actionable. Our vision is to provide supreme testing services for all environmental health and justice causes.


It all started when...

We criss-cossed California and determined that nobody was testing their water.

Less than 5% of families had performed even a water test. Even those living in contaminated areas.

At that time, we had set out to demonstrate how Electrochemical Arsenic Remediation was a more efficient and lower cost process for removing dangerous contaminants from American groundwater. Along with UC Berkeley Lab, we learned that it worked... really well and we also learned:

  1. US Public Water Systems are chronically underfunded
  2. Millions of Private Well Owners lack critical water resources
  3. Water quality was almost always worst than what folks imagined.

So we built Tap Score. A sophisticated water testing and analyis product that tells you what's in your water, what it means for your health and if neecesssary, what you can do about it.

Our goal is Simpler Water.